About Me

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I smile - a lot. Especially with camera in hand and something or someone to photograph.

I found my passion late in life. With a network of amazing supporters and encouragement from local community and business, I decided to pursue this passion and made it my profession.

I live countryside roughly 20 miles west of Boston in Stow, MA a small town of about 7,000 people. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful wide open spaces and seasonal landscapes that I take advantage of every day. Currently, I reside next to a 97-year-old orchard. Old wooden fences, rock walls, grassy hills, and acres of beautiful trees often serve either as the perfect backdrop or the main focal point for my work.

I have the benefit of moving pretty much in any direction and finding something or someone remarkable to photograph. A particular favorite is a local farm complete with sheep, cows, chickens, and horse...it has become such a ritual in my day, the animals know me by name! I try to maintain the philosophy that every picture I take is unique, each a piece of artwork in its own right.

My family and friends are ever supportive. I have two teenage sons who keep me feeling youthful, and at times like a I run a restaurant that never closes!

As the saying goes in America - Life is Good! My favorite past time, other than photography is spending quality time with friends and family and sharing the good things in life...or as we like to say in my native tongue, its Fika time!

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